I’m Coming Home

Published January 9, 2014 by b3ivy



Countdown 3 more days till I’m going home back to Indonesia. Oh, how I miss my room, friends, food, family. Especially my mom, I missed our friday movie night and our long “mother-daughter” gossip time, and believe it or not, I missed her lectures on everything. I missed my dad’s home cook meals, his cooking are the best!

And since I’m abroad studying, my brother is the only child at home. My parents have been spoiling him by buying a lot of things for hime like a new PS4 while he just got a new samsung s4 a week ago! On top of that, he got a new samsung watch! Can you believe it?! How crazy is that? It’s no surprise my dad would allow it cause he’s always give us what we want, but my mom? Wow! He must thank me! 

I’ve been thinking on what to buy for my mom. She’s asking for a gift from Shanghai. But not only that I have a limited budget, also she’s kinda picky on things. If I ought to buy her clothes, the cutting and size would be difficult to determine. Well, she likes scarfs. But since it’s winter here, all scarfs are think and chunky while we do not have winter in Indonesia. It’s hot as hell there! That’s only thing that makes me not wanting to come home. I’ve bought my dad a bottle of whiskey and a new t-shirt for my little brother. 

Things here are not quite bad aside from the ridiculous system that was just implemented this semester. We got exemption tests before entering courses like Chinese, English and Maths. If we pass the tests, we got to a higher level of that subjects and got all the credits below our level, or that’s how it’s used to be.. Now we need to pay RMB 150 or USD 25 per credit. I have 28 credits in total just for Chinese! And I have a total of 35 credits that I have to pay! If you’re wondering why don’t I just talk to the academic department, I have! And they won’t listen even if I have explained that it would not be fair for freshmen. So unbelievable! Aside from that, I think things are going fine. Well, I’m not sure I’m going to pass economics, but I think things are going to be fine. 

After months of no ideas on what to write…

Published November 30, 2013 by b3ivy

After months of trying to adapt to my new environment- the food, the people, the streets, the buildings; I still miss my home. The locals here are terrible. Believe me, when I say terrible I mean really terrible. Although some of them are actually quite decent and all but majority of people are just…

The first thing that I spotted about people here that they really like talking loudly. When I was walking towards MRT station, a man was talking on a phone and he could be heard from across the station. He was literally screaming. But what is absurd to me that was nobody was ever glancing at him. It was like him talking loudly, or I might say screaming, is just a normal thing.

The second thing that I really really hate is that they just like to spit everywhere. It was unbelievable that they even spit on airport floor and on the train. It is just so disgusting and not hygienic. On top of that, the taxi here.. CRAZY! They drive like super fast and the driver just doesn’t care about the passenger if they are nausea or not. That is why I prefer riding the MRT rather than taking a cab.

But on the other hand, the food here and the shopping places are amazing. I can find a lot of shopping stores that are high-end that I cannot find back at my home town. But things here are really expensive (branded clothes and bags). When you come to Shanghai, I recommend to NOT try Shanghai traditional food in the streets unless it’s famous or there are a lot of positive comments on either forums or blogs. The reason why I say this is because the taste of their local food is entirely different that the ones I had back at home and in the other countries as Chinese food at other countries are already modified to suit the taste of that country itself. I have tried several dim sum and Chinese food along the streets and even in the restaurants, they were not as great as I tasted back in my country.  You need to believe me cause, I’m half Chinese. And after a lot of effort spent on finding Indonesian restaurants in Shanghai, my friends and I finally found one. It’s not as good and rich in spices as back at home but, it will do, for now.

Here are some of the pictures taken.

New beginning: Life in Shanghai

Published September 26, 2013 by b3ivy

Woohoo! Arrived in Shanghai. I am hyped.. or was.. at first…

I can’t open youtube, wordpress and many more other sites cause it is banned and I need to purchase vpn to have an access to these sites. I just got it today and the first website I open is wordpress. Oh, how I miss blogging.

So at first I was so hyped about getting to Shanghai and meeting new people. But when I have arrived in Shanghai, life is not what I expect it to be. We directly went to our dorm and at first I thought I got an-apartment-like dorm considering that I payed a whole lot sum of money, but instead it’s just like 2 separated rooms in a big room, if that even make any sense. Moving on. The dorm was full of dust. When I say full, I mean full! I had to clean the dorm together with my boyfriend for 4 straight hours including changing the sheets and everything. I was sneezing the whole time! What could’ve been worst? Oh, I know, have your nemesis as your room mate. I just can’t stand her.

But the good part is, the food is cheaper than the ones back home. And you can find practically everything expect chilly. The chilly here sucks! Good thing I brought my own. And the cheese cake here, best cheese cake ever eaten my whole life! Bon Martin, the bom. If you have Bon Martin in your country, you are a lucky bastard. After 4 years here, I will not be able to eat that freakin delish cheese cake.

I started my university for almost 2 weeks now. I was hoping to learn chinese, like real chinese. But instead, the chinese here is easier than the chinese I learnt back at my highschool. And also the maths. But the english here, wow. I have to admit, it’s pretty good here.

So I think that’s what going on for the past 3 weeks. Cleaning, studying, socializing. Hope things might get better somehow.

Goodbye my friends :(

Published August 25, 2013 by b3ivy

“Every hello has it’s goodbye”

This is so true. My closest friends just went to US today. I’m not afraid to admit that I actually cried. Cause when everyone says that we actually will keep on contacting each other despite the time zone is major bullshit! And when they reached there and get their lifes settled and I’m in China and I got my life settled, things will never be the same again. They will have their own life and l’m just staring at my phone waiting for them to sms me or something.

I just can’t imagine my life without them, without him. He’s the best brother I wished for and now granted. I’m just afraid that we won’t have time for each other anymore. I’m afraid that eventually he’ll forget about me and maybe replace me with someone else.

I still wish them all the best eventhough I rather have them go to China with me. Goodbye my friends. I’ll meet you when I meet you. I’ll miss you tons! :(

All the way to New Zealand and Australia

Published August 17, 2013 by b3ivy

I am back! I went to New Zealand and Australia for this vacation and I just came back last night. Super tired, but super fun. I was thinking about posting this after I got my camera back cause I forgot to bring my camera back to Jakarta. I actually left it in Gold Coast. In the morning I wanted to put my coat inside my cabin luggage as I was wearing the other coat I brought. My camera was inside and I need to get it out first in order to fit my coat in. But somehow the tv was on and it’s spongebob! I was distracted and my mom just hurried me. So I forgot to put back the camera inside. And that morning we were boarding a plane to Sydney. I just realized I didn’t put the camera in once I was in Sydney when I was thinking to take pictures. That time I wasn’t sure myself were I left it – maybe it’s in the hotel, or in the bus, I don’t know. But then my tour guide called both the bus company and also the hotel if they saw my camera. Luckily the camera was found in the hotel room and my tour agency took care of everything and I’ll have my camera back next week.

Now, back to talking about the trip. New Zealand’s scenery was breathtaking. Simply wonderful. The country is soothingly quite unlike in Jakarta, so it’s like a break from all the noise and the heat and the crowd. The  thing about New Zealand is that the sheep’s population is way more than the people’s. Everywhere I look, there’s sheep and sometimes cow or horse. And I am totally in love with the sheep’s wool and also the alpaca’s. It’s just so so smooth! But very expensive, especially alpaca’s. I bought the doll though for about AUD $100. And it’s small! And we went to Queenstown’s Ice Bar. It was -10 degrees inside and the place was small and packed. Everything was made of ice and it would be better if the place is bigger though. I tried the famous Ferg’s Burger. The burger is gigantic, but the taste is just the same as a regular burger. The one thing I really love about New Zealand is it’s ice cream. Even though it’s quite chilly there (it’s about 8-12 degrees), I ate hockey pockey ice cream every single day. Every single day! It’s the best ice cream I have ever tasted! I love it! Oh, and Wakatipu Lake too.  I was suppose to ride a helicopter in New Zealand but my dad didn’t let me in the very last minute. I was upset at first, but oh well. That night, we didn’t get enough sleep cause we’ll be flying to Melbourne at 6 o’clock in the morning. And the airport was 45 minutes away from our hotel. So our tour leader set the morning call at 2.30 in the morning. I was just asleep at that time! And about 2 hours later, WE’RE IN MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA. Bye-bye delicious ice cream :(

To me, nothing’s  special about Melbourne. But I definitely had fun when I was in Gold Coast. We went to Movie World and Dreamworld. I was surprised, but I actually ride roller coasters there, and that I had fun. I used to hate roller coasters but now I actually kinda like it. And we went to the beach and stuff.  And next, Sydney. We went to the Opera House. I just don’t really like the Opera House. The building is not as magnificent as I heard from people once I see it myself. But the Harbour Bridge or The Coathanger is amazing. It carries rail and vehicular traffic. It’s so cool.

And after 2 weeks of holiday, we’re back to Jakarta. To sum it up, the vacation was interesting and fun but also exhausting. In 2 weeks I’ll be going to Shanghai for university. Really can’t wait.  I will post the pictures once I get my camera back. That’s it for today.

update on life

Published July 15, 2013 by b3ivy

For those people out there reading my blog (if there is any. I’m still not sure whether there are anyone reading my post), finally! An update! It’s been a month or more since the last time I wrote. Cause life’s been pretty flat. Since I’m writing something right now, it means something surely happened.

For starters, a month from now I’ll be starting my university at China. I am so hyped! Not only because that my boyfriend is coming too, but I get to start a new life and experience a new adventure.

Second, Cory Monteith just passed away. I am not a very big fan of him but I am deeply hurt about his death. I just can’t imagine what his family had to go through, especially Lea Michele. Seeing her picture standing next to his coffin crying just breaks my heart. Deep condolence to his family, friends, gleeks and Lea Michele. May he rest in peace above.

Third, one of my close friends has an eating disorder. Bulimia. I don’t know how she manage to get this illness. As far as I know she has been eating really well before I quit school. She’s not eating anything and if she does, she’ll puke everything out. She is not fat! No one ever calls her fat. She is very petite and I just can’t process this whole thing in my mind.

But I did some research on how to cure bulimia and what causes it. After reading several web pages about it, found out that bulimia is caused not only by the distorted belief  that being thin will make one happy, but also a low self-esteem. They need encouragement, love and care. I understand why she got it now. She always have a low self-esteem about herself and my friends and I are trying to make her change her perspective of her body and also about eating healthily.

To everyone out there, you are beautiful no matter what. Be confident about yourself.


Published June 25, 2013 by b3ivy

Jealousy.. It shows that you care right? Or does it show how insecure you are? I don’t exactly know what am I trying to say here in this post, it’s 3 a.m and I just can’t sleep. I have a lot of things on my mind that I just can’t seem to get them off of it.

Yes, I admit I am jealous. I am insecure. I am jealous when he’s saying things to other girls that I think he’s suppose to say to me. In other words, I am jealous when he’s flirting with other girls. Is this a bad sign?

And when other guys take me home or talk on the phone with me, I just can’t sense that he’s a tiny bit jealous. It’s either he really really REALLY trust me, or he just doesn’t love me or care for that matter.

This is killing me. Crushing me.

Ok, do not over think. Must not over think. Over thinking kills you.



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