If we’re in movies…

When you call me, I can hear it in your voice. You said you wanna see me and tell me everything about her. And I’d be sitting there, acting through my tears. Guess you’ll never know, that I should be winning Oscar for the scene that I’m in. But if we’re in a movie, you’d be the right guy. And I can be your best friend who you’ll fall in love with in the end. We’ll be watching the sunset fade to black.


About girl in converse shoes

I'm a teenage girl who loves to read books. I love food more than anything in the world. I have no idea what I am doing with my life, just livin in the moment. I will start thinking about what I wanna be when people get payed for eating. I won't care about how other people think of me as for those who matters, will not judge, and for those who doesn't matter, judge.

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