This had to be officially the worst day ever! 

Early in the morning, I had prepared myself to go to yoga class and when I was drinking my hot chocolate, my brother unintentionally bumped into me and made my hot chocolate spilled all over my clothes. And those are the clothes I just bought YESTERDAY! Not to mention, IT IS WHITE. And it is GORGEOUS! Then, at yoga class, I came down late and everyone had taken the best spot. It was very difficult for me cause I am short and small. Making it very hard to look at the instructor. 

After my yoga class, I went to economic tuition course and I forgot to bring my homework and books. And she scolded me and gave me extra work. Then I went to my part time job and thankfully today’s class wasn’t so bad. 

I went to grocery shopping for today’s dinner. I was planning on having grilled salmon and salad. My friend called me and we were arguing about things that made me so mad and forgot about I was cooking. Just when I thought food could cheer me up, I BURNT MY SALMON! 

So I decided to have dinner at my favourite restaurant with some of my friends. When I was dressing up and was going to put my earrings, I couldn’t find it. And it was my favourite one! It was a gift from my best friend. And I lost it. The good thing about it is that only the screw back was gone. But I have no idea upon where to buy only the screw back. This is totally not my day!


About girl in converse shoes

I'm a teenage girl who loves to read books. I love food more than anything in the world. I have no idea what I am doing with my life, just livin in the moment. I will start thinking about what I wanna be when people get payed for eating. I won't care about how other people think of me as for those who matters, will not judge, and for those who doesn't matter, judge.

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