Guilty Pleasure

So a few days back my mom’s friend came to Jakarta and they decided to meet up. And my mom was insisting of me tagging along too, I have no idea why. We were having conversations over these…

I think my mom deliberately took me to my favourite dessert place, Bakerzin, to talk about this ridiculous idea both of them came up with. Cause she knew how desserts makes me to be in a good mood. Oh, why…

Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360

And the thing that made this conversation very, uhm, shocking, awkward and exciting was that she and my mom was thinking of matching her son and I together. She said that she likes me very much and she considered my mom and I like family. And she thought that it’d be a good idea that if her son and I get together and that it’d be nice to be “real” family. You can say that I was very flattered that she likes me cause I am the kind of child that your parents warned you about. Okay, I am not that extreme. Just being a little too dramatic.

But the point is, HELLO? What century are you in? Match up was like a big NO now. But then… When I saw his picture… Jaw dropped. He. Is. Freaking. Hot. But, I think it’s still a bad idea cause I know how my mom will keep on telling me what to do after I agree to this.


About girl in converse shoes

I'm a teenage girl who loves to read books. I love food more than anything in the world. I have no idea what I am doing with my life, just livin in the moment. I will start thinking about what I wanna be when people get payed for eating. I won't care about how other people think of me as for those who matters, will not judge, and for those who doesn't matter, judge.

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