Parents are just so.. urgh

I just can’t understand parents. I don’t know what they’re expecting from me. My mom has been ranting about me having a new boyfriend and she wants to meet him. I don’t mind actually introducing him to my mom. But the thing is, I just wanna make a good impression of him first before him meeting my mom. Good impression is a very important thing as my mom keeps on thinking about that hickey incident. I need some space. I feel pressured. My friends has been ranting about how my relationship’s going too fast and too far. I just don’t get it. Too far? What does that even mean?? Isn’t a simple kissing and cuddling normal?? I know we have our cultural values but I am a young adult who is pretty much open minded about everything. What century do you thing we’re living in?

And since I have graduated, my friends and I decided to have a small outing to Bali, and I have to get my parents’s permission. And guess what? They’re asking whether my boyfriend’s coming or not. And again, it leads to they wanting to meet him, me who don’t know how to take care of myself, my mom’s worried about me losing my virginity before marriage, worried about me getting pregnant and crap like that. I don’t think I want to have sex right now, I think I’ll wait till I’m married. I know it may sound overrated but I’m not ready and I think that’s the only thing my parents are worried and thinking about. How can I convince them that I can take care of myself and I will introduce him to them when the time is right.

In fact, I don’t even know why I am so afraid of them meeting him. I have never personally introduce any of my exes and my parents weren’t this upset and worried. Probably it’s because of the hickey thing.. Didn’t she ever got any hickies before?? I think she needs to calm her freakin nerves down.


About girl in converse shoes

I'm a teenage girl who loves to read books. I love food more than anything in the world. I have no idea what I am doing with my life, just livin in the moment. I will start thinking about what I wanna be when people get payed for eating. I won't care about how other people think of me as for those who matters, will not judge, and for those who doesn't matter, judge.

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